Being aware of the needs of every music student, and having extensive connections in the music industry, Jim has assembled a staff of the right kind of pupil-oriented guitar instructors who can truly connect with a student at their level, and provide the focus, insight, and attention that makes guitar lessons have much deeper value and meaning. Just ask any of our students: They say it best by showing continued loyalty year after year.

Guitar lessons: 

We teach all levels and styles of guitar, we are very patient, warm, and great with kids or adults, and have extensive experience working in both one on one and classroom settings. (classical, acoustic, electric), Scales, chords, advanced techniques, speed development.

Have you ever looked at a guitar and said;  I wish I could play it?

 Professional Musician Instructors with performance experience.

We have 3 experienced guitarists (and composers) now accepting new students to teach you, not only how to play that way, but how to write your own great music as well.

Would you like to learn rock, blues, R&B, folk, funk, country, jazz, reggae or other world styles?

Would you like to learn to play your favorite songs and how to take songs you already know to a new level of mastery?

You'll get new techniques in rhythm and groove playing and soloing, how to use chord shapes to navigate on the neck or just get started playing some songs that you love.

Singing Lessons


(pop, rock).

Meet with our 'Anne' today!

Expand your vocal range, learn how to sing correctly without damaging your vocal chords, use the appropriate vocal techniques like vocal breathing in order to support your voice.

 Call our studio manager Jim at (203) 226-4142, and we can talk about how you can become a singing guitarist and a better musician.

Guitar Lessons, Acoustic and Electric, Bass, and Voice, 
We are a full service music education resource.

Band Performance Class: (training in a group) also available.

You play in a real band!  Weekly Sessions. Great Experience. Customized to your level of musicianship.

By choosing Our Studio, you are getting it all. Real world playing experience carefully customized to be enjoyable based on your needs. 

Step by step, you will get all of the building blocks that the greatest guitarists past and present have acknowledged spurred them on to 
succeeding with guitar. With us as your coach, you'll be guaranteed to have tons of fun, mixed with the right foundation for playing this unique, exhilarating instrument. We look forward to getting to know you! -Westport Guitar Lessons,

-Jimmy Lane and Staff.

Beginner to Advanced Techniques:

Learn all styles of music including: Jazz, Classical, Rock, Metal, Fusion, R&B, Funk, Latin, Reggae,

We are competitively priced, offering high quality music instruction.  Acoustic and Electric, Guitar and Bass Lessons for all ages: 4 to 99 years old. Please use the Contact form or email

The game "Rock Band" is no substitute for real guitar lessons.

Studio / Office Westport Music Lessons Westport, CT - Lessons provided in your home for non Fairfield County clients: 

We do it all, so please tell us about you, your instrument of choice, and style of music you'd like to learn. Also, the best way for us to contact you:

Piano lessons are fun and life-enriching. For over ten years, Robert has been teaching our students how to enjoy music by playing the piano and discovering the diversity of music in our world. His students are given the opportunity to study music that they truly enjoy while learning principles and ideas that are fundamental to any musical education.
In the piano studio, Robert has taught beginning through advanced students from ages 4 through adult. At the college level, he has taught courses in Music Appreciation and Functional Piano Skills to students preparing for entrance and acceptance. He is an active performer in his own band playing his origional written music.  

 Call or text me @ (203) 226-4142


Vibraphone, Marimba, Xylophone Mallet Percussion.

​Learn to sight read and improvise using step by step fundamentals. Jim makes it easy!

Drum Lessons  -  at Jim's of Westport,

Drum Lessons and More with Jimmy Lane 


4/11/2018 Jim is currently accepting drum set and vibraphone lesson students.

Our experienced, professional Music Instruction staff is adept at working with anyone--youngster through adult--at any skill level--beginner through advanced.

Westport Music Lessons

Serving town since 1993

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